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Apr, 2016

New Header Rules

The BHYSL Board wanted to make you aware of a big change this year in soccer for ages 10 and under.  The new header rule will be enforced for BHYSL games for grades K-6.  I know the BHYSL office sent the MSYSA memo out to coaches regarding this, but we wanted to reiterate it because it will be  enforced this season.  If you'd like to review it again, the complete rule on headers can be found at  The change is that no purposeful headers can be done by players age 10 and under.  The referees enforce this by grade levels in our league.  They are not responsible for monitoring the age of each player.  If a purposeful header occurs, the opposing team will be awarded an indirect free kick at the spot where the header occurred.  If this occurs in the goal area by the defending team, the ball will be placed parallel to the header on the goal area line.  If it occurs in the goal area by the attacking team, the ball may be places anywhere in the goal box by the defending team.  This is a mandatory change, and was added for safety of the players.  Coaches for kindergarten through 6th grade cannot practice headers during practices. Further, this is an instructional rule and a player cannot be given a yellow card or red card for multiple offenses.  Coaches should aid the referee in explaining the rule to the players, especially in the case of multiple headers by the same player.