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Risk Management

As explained at the coaches meeting, the Risk Management Program facilitated by the MSYSA (Michigan State Youth Soccer Association) has been integrated into the GOT SOCCER  program.  This is mandatory for all coaches and assistant coaches.

Accordingly, all previous risk management profiles must be linked to a GOT SOCCER coaching profile.

The Risk Management Process that is listed below is the same whether you have a current risk management card, or need to apply (or renew) for risk management clearance.

  1. The BHYSL creates a coach profile for you. (you can not be officially added to a roster until you have a risk management approval that is linked with GOT SOCCER.

  2. You will receive a notification via email from GOT SOCCER informing you that the BHYSL has created a coach profile for you and it gives detailed steps for you to use the provided link and provided user name and password and log on to GOT SOCCER. The directions are very clear on how you proceed. You are either going to click the already have risk management button and they will locate your record, or you need to apply to clearance if you have never done this before.

  3. If you need to apply for risk management clearance, you will fill out the proper forms. Be sure you are registering for the BHYSL.  Please contact the BHYSL office for our voucher code. This code will cover the $10 cost of the clearance (so no cost to you).

Thank you for your prompt attention to this important matter!