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Bloomfield Soccer

Team Formation Procedures

The Bloomfield Hills Youth Soccer League (BHYSL) separates teams by gender, grade and if possible, school enrollment. This is primarily as a result of the large number of participants and is a convenient way to group teams for scheduling purposes.
A child’s grade is used to determine the player’s age group. This allows children and parents to interact outside of the school environment. Factors such as availability of volunteer coaches, gender, and the number of players within a geographic area have a bearing on placement. Keeping team sizes manageable to ensure adequate playing time and to avoid cancellations will be the primary factor outside of gender and grade. We will also attempt to have an even number of teams in each league to avoid byes and maximize the playing time for any given season.
Grade Players on Field Target Size Min Max
K 3 10 8 12
1st/2nd 6 10 8 11
3rd/4th 7
 5th/6th 9 13 11  17
 7th/8th 11 15 13  21
In order to achieve the desired team sizes, it will be commonplace to have players from different schools play together. To minimize the impact due to practice locations, times and school consolidation, we have elected to organize the league geographically into three divisions for team composition only.
 East Central West
East Hills BH Middle West Hills
Eastover Brookside Country Day
Sacred Heart Conant Lone Pine
 St. Hugo Way Other(s)
Rosters will be assembled by school unless team sizes fall outside of our established targets. To achieve the desired targets, teams will be assembled in the following order each fall:
We will first assign players by the given grade, gender and school that they attend.
If team sizes are too big or too small we will look at combining players from different schools within their geographic division.
If team sizes are still not appropriate we will begin combining players from different schools outside of the division.
When moving players to a team made up of different schools, we will attempt to keep at least 3 players from any of the schools being combined.
When deciding upon which players to move, we will do so based on the date the player was registered for the season. *
* Early registration is important.
We will make every attempt to keep the teams the same from the fall season to the spring season each year. However, if team sizes shift, player moves will be required. Team composition will likely change each fall.

No refunds after registration deadline.  There will be a 3% credit card fee on all refunds.