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Bloomfield Soccer

U12/U14 Playing Regulations

  • Goal keepers are used
  • All players must be 10 yards from all restarts
  • Offside, free kicks, penalty kicks, goal kicks, corner kicks, throw-ins - FIFA Rules
  • Substitutions can be made on your own throw-ins, after any goal is scored, on any goal kick, and on the opponents throw-in when they are substituting. (You CAN NOT sub on opponents throw-in if they are not subbing).
  • Each player is required to play a minimum of 50% of the game minutes
  • Referees - there will be assigned referees. No coaches are allowed on the field during the game.
  • Coaches and parents may not stand behind the goal
  • No standings kept
  • Each team (including all coaches, parents, and fans for that team) must be on opposite sidelines from the opposing team.
  • No jewelry of any kind


U11/U12 U13/U14
Ball Size 4 5
Players (incl keeper) 9v9 11v11
Min 7 9
Roster size Minimum 11, Maximum 16 Minimum 13,  Maximum 22
Subs Unlimited in number. Referee must be informed. Allowed by either team at goal kicks, goals, halftime, injury, and for a cautioned player (1-for-1). (Substitutions are not allowed on corner kicks or fouls.)
Sub on Throw-In Own team's throw, or if other is subbing

Equipment Required: Shirt, shorts, shinguards, socks (covering shinguards), shoes.
Home team changes for color conflict (visitors may change if they have alternate).
Either goalkeeper must change for color conflicts
Referee may allow optional equipment (cold weather gear, goalkeeper cap, head/elbow/knee protection, religion-required clothing, etc) if deemed not dangerous.
Jewelry None Allowed. Taping does not make jewelry safe.
(Jewelry: Items worn for decoration or display, not having any purpose for the game.)
Medic Alert bracelet or similar item should be taped, allowing medallion to be seen
Length of Half 30 min 35 min
Offside yes yes
Heading no yes 
Slide Tackling yes yes
Free Kicks Direct or indirect, per the Laws of the Game
Penalty Kicks yes, 12 yards yes, 12 yards
Throw-in redo no no

Goal Kicks Per FIFA. Ball placed anywhere within goal area. The ball must be kicked and clearly move before it's considered in play. The ball does NOT need to leave the penalty area to be in play. The team that is not taking the goal kick must remain outside the penalty area until the ball is in play.

Goalkeeper Per FIFA. May not play ball with hands when deliberately kicked by a teammate ("passback" rule). No restriction on length of kicks/punts.