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Bloomfield Soccer

Tournament Rules


Team Check-In

Teams are required to check-in at least 30 mins prior to kick off of your first game.  ALL Players and a Team Coordinator or Parent Representative must be present for check in.  Any players not rostered will NOT be allowed to play. No Exceptions.

Uniforms & Equipment

• Games will be played with a regulation size 4 ball (1st- 6th grade), size 5 ball (6th grade and up)
• All players MUST wear shin guards, with socks covering.
• Cleats, turf shoes or tennis shoes are permitted.
• All players from one team must be wearing the same color jersey during game play. Pinnies will be provided to the HOME team in the instance of two teams with same color jerseys.
• NO jewelry of any kind is allowed, with the exception of medical bracelets.

During Game Play

• FIFA rules apply if not modified within.
• 2 x 12 min halves, 2 min halftime.
• Rock, Paper Scissors will determine possession and direction before the start of each game.
• 6 player roster limit.  No additional players on team sidelines during games.
• 3 players on the field at one time from each team.
• No Goalkeepers
• No offiside
• Hand Ball: Deliberate handling of the ball that denies a team of an advantage. If it denies a team of an obvious goal scoring opportunity, then a penalty kick will be given.
• Penalty kicks are Direct and taken from the half line, all players are to be at the half line or sidelines during kick.
• Substitutions are “on the fly” (does not need to be at a stoppage, can sub during the flow of the game)
• All restarts from a Kick-in
• All kicks are indirect.
• Goal Kicks can be taken from any point of the endline.
• Must be inside your offensive half of field to score. (If ball is deflected by a defender first, a goal is awarded)
• Cannot score from inside arc.
• CAN score directly on a corner kick
• Automatic goal if defender stops a shot on goal from inside their own arc.
• If a ball stops inside the arc, the referee will instruct the defending team to retrieve and resume play.
• Slide tackling where contact is initiated is not allowed, however a player may slide to intercept, block or save a ball from going out of bounds, as long as no contact is made with another player.
• Dangerous play (at the discretion of the ref) will result in a 1 min penalty (team plays a man down). 
• 5 yd rule: In all dead ball situations, defending players must stand at least 5 yds away from the ball.
• 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss.
• Max +4 goal differential per game

Coaches, Team Coordinators, Parents, and Players will be held responsible for the conduct of themselves. Referees have the right to issue a Yellow Card/Red Card and eject a player, coach, parent or spectator from the game for continual disobedience or as a result of an incident that warrants sending them off.  If a player is ejected, the team will complete the remainder of the game a player short.  If a Coach, parent or spectator is ejected, the Team of the offending person will be required to remove one player from the field and complete the game a player short. Coaches or parents whom are ejected by the referee or tournament official must leave the field and area around the field before play will continue. (Outside of entrance to the turf, in the hallway or weight room entrance). If the person refuses to leave, the game may be forfeited in favor of the opposing team. 

Delay of Game & Forfeits
The referee has the official time on the field and holds the right to take necessary action if he/she feels that a team is delaying the game.  Any player may be cautioned with a yellow card if it is deemed by the referee that the player is intentionally wasting time, i.e. kicking the ball away from the playing field.

Teams are given 5 mins from scheduled game time or from the delayed start time due to unforeseen circumstances, before a forfeit Is issued by the referee.  All forfeits must be approved by the Tournament Director before the game is considered an official forfeit.

Tie Breakers,Playoffs & Overtime

Pool Play games ending in a tie will remain a tie.

Tie Breakers to determine advancement, the following will be considered in the order below:
1. Points
2. Head to Head
3. Goal Differential (+4 or -4 max per game)
4. Shootouts (3 kickers per team, then golden goal elimination)

Playoff games ending in a tie will result in:
1. One 5 min period of golden goal overtime, 3v3
2. One 3 min period of golden goal overtime, 2v2
3. 1 min periods of golden goal overtime, 1v1, until a winner is determined. (No substitutions allowed during these 1 min periods)